Rusland in the rain

Both Jenny and I are involved in Scouting so it was not surprising that we were out at the Rusland Show to help with recruiting for the District.
We took up some archery kit and set up a 10 yard range for everyone to try their hand.
Well… having set up the range between squalls and showers, that’s about where the day ended! The show opened at 12:30, and the various fell races and on-site activities started. No-one came over to our archery range, and I’m not surprised! By 13:00, the wind was gale force, and the rain torrential. At 14:00, between torrents, the organisers managed to hold a few more activities, but we still had no archers.
At 14:30, the show was abandoned. Fears of the marquee blowing away lead to the organisers calling it a day. We set to, and the range was stripped down and stowed away in the land rover by 15:00.
Leaving Rusland showground, we had to drive through about 18″ flowing water to get off the field! After that, a long drive back through Oxen Park, we found numerous trees down. At Greenodd, the river was over two feet high…
In all, we found Rusland Showground to be a great place, with plenty to see there. Any other year, this will be a great day out, but this year it was a bit soggy!

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