Inspired by my train ride…

Just now, I’m waiting at Manchester Oxford Road to catch the train back to Roose. Today the weather has been variable, but as ever the trip round the bay on the train was inspiring.

Today, and I apologise in advance, I was inspired to try and set out in vague verse some of the things I pick up on during my morning commute…

So, here we go:

Roose before dawn,
The platform is silent.
Trees move in the wind,
Puddles reflect the platform lights.

A rumble, a shriek,
The morning train approaches.
Lights dazzle, rails rattle,
Breaks squeal, doors hiss open.

Past farmyard and abbey,
Signal box and junction.
Dalton approaches,
More early risers await.

Through Crooklands tunnel,
Past Lindal’s lost station,
Cross and recross the highway,
Into Ulverston’s ironwork beauty.

Now the commuters
Join the train to the south.
Past canal foot and
Over the bay, the sea awaits.

Dry land again,
Cark, Kent’s Bank and Grange,
The sheep on the marsh
In the dawn see the train.

Past Grange in the half light,
Sun rising over the Knott,
Another viaduct, even longer,
Birds at the waters edge.

Arnside, its light now,
Away from the water,
Past fields and marshes,
A deer looks up startled.

Silverdale and birdlife,
On mosses and foreshore.
The isolated tower
At Jenny Brown’s Point.

At last to the mainline,
The busy rail sheds,
A loco waits with a rail tour,
Carnforth bustles, an express rattles through.

In sun and in rain,
In daylight and dark,
The delights of the Furness Line
Always surprise, never tire.

(c) Matt Sanderson, 2016


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