Seldom Seen…

Seldom Seen, but never forgotten.

That might be an apt way to describe the many wonders of Morecambe Bay.  There’s loads to see, but so little of it is known outside the communities that live around the Bay area.  And, even more locally, many brilliant and amazing features are known only to very local people!  Who in Morecambe, for example, could tell you all about the wonders of North Walney Nature Reserve or, more obscurely, the convoluted history of Barrow Bricks?  Who in Ulverston knows about the Wyre Light or the wrecks on King Scar, off Rossall Point?

All of these, and many more, are but small parts in the amazingly varied tapestry that is Morecambe Bay.  To describe them as Seldom Seen is an understatement, but possibly not for much longer…

A brilliant project to bring many of these unknown and unseen treasures to the fore has just been completed by the hard work of Art Gene, and particularly artist and co-founder Stuart Bastik.  Working closely with more members of the local community than he can probably even remember(!), Stuart has overseen the creation of an amazing set of Maps which tell so many of those seldom seen or heard stories around the Bay.

The five maps encompass an area stretching from Walney Island, Barrow and the Duddon Estuary (map 1), through the Furness (map 2) and Cartmel (map 3) peninsulas, around the amazing  Arnside and Silverdale (map 4) AONB, and onto the varied and complex areas of Morecambe, Lancaster, Heysham and Sunderland Point (map 5).  And, most excitingly, as of yesterday, the five maps are now available to buy!

(By the way, these are the old map covers – new ones even nicer!)

I’m not sure of the details yet, but I expect that the maps will be available to buy through the Art Gene online shop.

But it doesn’t end there…  There’s an “App” too!

As well as the five amazing maps, each one as large as an Ordnance Survey map, and capable of telling many more stories, the Art Gene team have worked hard at five locations around the Bay to tell the story in an even more detailed way.  An “app” has been created for Android and iPhones (no Windows app yet, but I live in hope) to help you enjoy walks in five amazing places around the Bay, in the virtual company of knowledgeable locals and various experts in their fields…

If you fancy a virtual walking tour of some of the Bays hidden gems, including the little known and still not fully understood “Fort Walney”, or the almost lost history of Ulverston Canal and Ironworks, why not give these apps a try.

android-app-store icon_apple_store

All of this work has been made possible by the support and financing of the Morecambe Bay Partnership.  Without their active support, and enthusiasm in promoting Morecambe Bay as such a special place, none of this would have happened!

If you like what you’ve seen here, or you try out the maps/apps, do let them know about it.  Art Gene love to hear your feedback on Twitter @art_gene, and the Morecambe Bay Partnership use @_MBay  Don’t forget the hashtag #seldomseenmaps


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