Bygone Ulverston

Making your way up Brogden Street in Ulverston today, you would be forgiven for thinking you’d gone back in time!  The Ulverston Dickensian Festival is on again.  I’ve been going for over ten years and it’s always a great weekend.  It seems that, as time passes, more and more people are entering into the spirit of the event and dressing up in period or pseudo-period costume (though I do have to wonder what this obsession with wearing faux-welders goggles on a top hat is all about).

As well as what seemed to be more market stalls than ever before, there were the usual performing arts stages.  I counted three this year: Brogden Street, Market Street, and Theatre Street.  We didn’t stop for too long this year (the cold weather played hell with my arthritis), but what I did see looked to be, as ever, thoroughly entertaining.



If you want to know more about the Dickensian Festival, or follow what they get up to, their Twitter handle is @dickensianfest

They also tweet using the slightly unfortunate hashtag: #dickfest

















Ulverston Militia on Parade!



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