On my voyages of discovery around the Bay, I’ve met some great people.  If you would like to meet them too, feel free to have a look at their websites:


Art Gene are an amazing community art company.  They specialize in all sorts of creative craziness, from developing a community allotment on Walney Island, to creating iPhone apps to help people discover “Seldom Seen” areas of the Bay, to touring the country with a full size, pop-up inflatable terrace house!

Morecambe Bay Partnership describe themselves as a “little charity who make big things happen”, and that’s an understatement!  From tiny beginnings as a small group who mainly engaged with councils, agencies and organisations around the Bay to ensure that everyone was on the same page, the Partnership moved into community involvement through an active BeachCare program and a whole series of one-off events, walks and talks.  More recently, having successfully applied for two huge grants, the Partnership has taken off faster than a space rocket!  From Archaeology projects, and the development of the Bay Cycle Way, to Verbal Histories, with many other interesting activities and events in between, these are the guys to watch for everything that is new, interesting and fun around the Bay.